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Cancer Care

Gilda’s Club of South Jersey

Gilda’s Club is named in honor of comedian Gilda Radner who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in l986.   She believed that people and their families should laugh, cry, scream and share their fears and frustrations with others like them. For this reason, her husband, Gene Wilder, vowed to make her vision a reality. The first “Gilda’s Club” was opened in New York City in 1995.

In 2003, RNS came up with a completely different approach to the mission statement of “Providing the best medical equipment available for the treatment of cancer and heart disease”. This time the “equipment” would be in the form of a wonderful organization that was trying to come to this area but lacked the funding needed. The program was a perfect fit for RNS who established the local affiliate Gilda’s needed.   After donating the initial seed funds of $500,000.00 Gilda’s opened its doors on January 7, 2003.  It is not always the equipment that helps with the cure, but the wonderful people who help the individuals and the families cope with the everyday problems of cancer.

Gilda’s offers support groups, lectures, workshops and social events, as a supplement to medical care, in a warm and welcoming home-like setting. The program is free to all members and open to everyone touched by cancer.

Seeing another opportunity to expand the initial donation and help children in the process, RNS, once again, gave financial support to Gilda’s.  During 10th Anniversary celebration honoring RNS for their initial support, RNS gave an Anniversary Gift at the party. What is a party without a gift?   RNS surprised everyone with another $100,000.00 donation to become the Permanent Sponsor of “Noogieland”, a support group for children.

We love giving a “Gift That Keeps on Giving”.